Watch Customisation

Time Tailors are able to customise watches to make them completely individual to our clients.

Whether it's a brand new watch for yourself, a gift for a friend, relative or partner, or if you just want to change or re-vamp an existing timepiece in your collection, Time Tailors offer a service that can change the look of a timepiece completely.

Diamond Setting

Diamonds can be set in a variety of ways, including dials, bezels and complete encrusting of the entire case and bracelet. Dials can have diamonds set on the hour markers, have personalisation such as initials, or have a pavé set. Crowns and other push pieces, along with strap clasps and buckles, can also be set with diamonds.

PDV or DLC Coating

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is a procedure that uses vacuum deposition to coat a thin layer of film onto the chosen material i.e. a Steel watch or watch bracelet by way of condensation of a vaporised form. The coating is applied by placing the parts of the watch into an airtight chamber, then using a high temperature vacuum evaporation with subsequent condensation, to coat the watch. 

This procedure is used to reduce wear on your timepiece and give it a unique Semi-Matte Black finish.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is a similar form of coating that has had a lot more interest from clients over the past few years, and is now being used by us more than PVD coating, as the finished timepiece has a better look to it.

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